savi - Premier Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2014

savi - Sauvignon Blanc & Cabernet Sauvignon

Expressing the essence of fresh cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc from the Cape’s West coast, where maritime mists cloak the rolling vineyards. Distinctive, focussed design meets clarity in contemporary winemaking, providing unrivalled value and appeal.

”Sauvignon Blanc declared Britain’s favourite wine”
”People love Sauvignon Blanc for its freshness and brightness” - Victoria Moore
The Telegraph

savi Sauvignon brings freshness in the bottle, grown and produced by the premier Sauvignon Blanc estate of the Cape, in vineyard sites of optimum aspect and geology.

savi Cabernet brings the essence of succulent Cabernet Sauvignon from the sun-drenched hills of the Western Cape, where spring flowers carpet the rolling hills and rich soils nourish the vines.

savi freshness in the label:

The crisp, minimal yet striking aesthetic of the label and closure is the outcome of several generations of design, consumer-tested to achieve strong appeal across varied demographics, even in a crowded market.

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